How To Buy


Bidding on whisky online is as simple as choosing a single malt or blend for the night. One click, and you’re in. We run online auctions every month (except December) and you can bid at any stage between the 2nd last Friday 12pm and the last Sunday of the month with auctions soft closing from 8pm. To stop last minute bidding bots and sniping, auction closing times are extended by 15 minutes if a bid is made in the last 15 minutes.

Before we get into the exciting stuff, you’re best to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions. We know it’s the boring bits but sometimes it’s better to read the small print than not – it might even make the whiskey taste better!

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Check out our FAQ and if you still have a tingling question, get in touch with us, we’re happy to answer!

Getting Started

In order to bid, you’ve got to be registered with us first. If you agree with the Terms & Conditions, It’s a once off $5 fee and then you’re good to go. It takes around five minutes and allows us to ensure we’re legally compliant with liquor licensing and auction laws.

Lets Get Bidding!

Now we’re at the good part. When auctions go live, enter your maximum bid you’re willing to pay for a lot. You will only pay 1 increment above someone else’s maximum bid or the reserve price up to your maximum bid. If bidding goes above your maximum bid, you will be alerted by email. Please thoroughly inspect the images for bottle and box condition. Please note that a buyer’s premium is charged at 10% (inc GST) on the hammer price.

Increments for auctions are as follows 

$0 $50 $1
$50 $100 $2
$100 $300 $5
$300 $600 $10
$600 $1,005 $15
$1,005 onwards $20

End of Auction

Auctions start soft closing at 8pm on the last Sunday of the month and will be extended by 15 minutes if any bids have been entered in the last 15 minutes. This process will continue until there are no more bids placed within the last 15 minutes.

Lucky Winners

If you’re the lucky winner of a lot, an email will be sent out to you with a link to make payment for the winning lot(s) + buyer’s premium. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by debit/credit card (note merchant fees charged on top of this method). An email containing your invoice with the breakdown of all costs will be sent out after the completion of the auction. Payment must be made within 5 days of the auction completion.

Bank Details

Australian Whisky Auctions Trust Account
BSB 083004    ACC# 824831907

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