Joshua Brothers Pty Pure Malt Australian Whisky Circa 1905 - 1924

A 1905 to 1924 era pure malt whisky from the shuttered Joshua Brothers distillery in Port Melbourne.

A name likely unknown to many, the Joshua Brothers began in 1884 amid Melbourne’s huge industrial boom of the 1880s. Built as the Federal Distillery in Port Melbourne, their factory was equipped with everything a Victorian era producer could want. A cooperage, malting facilities, 4 pot stills as well as a hugely innovative Coffey still that allowed for high volume grain production. It cost £150,000 GBP to build, approximately £22 Million GBP or $40 Million AUD in today's money and spirit officially flowed from 1886 .

Saul Joshua, one of the seven Joshua brothers founders, noted that in 1894 the factory employed 50 - 60 year round employees, with an additional 25 men hired during malting periods and 30 extra coopers hired when barrels arrived. Barley was sourced from the UK, New Zealand and Victoria, with the cheapest option typically purchased in bulk and stored. Maize was often used as their grain source due to its high yield and the flavourful spirit it created from their Coffey Still, however just about any grain that contained starch was used at Federal distillery.

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    Joshua Brothers
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    Single Malt
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